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Radical Acceptance & Mindfulness

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Nov. 1st, 2010 | 05:20 am
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posted by: stardustnprison in dharmapunks

I, personally, really love the idea of this one. The word radical coupled with acceptance sounds like such a powerful concept to embrace and practice.

November 1, 2010
Tricycle Daily Dharma

Radical Acceptance

Mindfulness practice—a profound method for engaging life’s unpleasant moments—is
a powerful tool for removing obstacles and rediscovering happiness in
relationships. Mindfulness involves both awareness and acceptance of present
experience. Some psychologists, among them Tara Brach and Marsha Linehan, talk
about radical acceptance—radical meaning “root”—to emphasize our deep, innate
capacity to embrace both negative and positive emotions. Acceptance in this
context does not mean tolerating or condoning abusive behavior. Rather,
acceptance often means fully acknowledging just how much pain we may be feeling
at a given moment, which inevitably leads to greater empowerment and creative

Christopher K. Germer, "Getting Along"

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Stephen McGlennon

(no subject)

from: munkus_bubbly
date: Nov. 2nd, 2010 06:17 am (UTC)

Tara Brach has written a *great* book called Radical Acceptance. Can't recommend it enough

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